S e n s i t i v a

The Sensitiva ozone sensor is a reliable ozone gas monitor with a microcontroller base to measure the amount of ozone gas in the indoor environment, a precision ozone measurement below 1ppm and a dedicated production sensor with a longer life than similar.

It is designed by our company to measure the amount of ozone gas that can be harmful to human health as determined by the world health authorities and to warn users in the environment. Our company's own design and production capability and domestic design and production equipment are much more affordable than competitors and are supplied through our service and spare parts services including calibration.

The device must be operated at room temperature and standard humidity conditions.


Sensor Type: HMOS Semiconductor

Ozone sensitivity: 10-120ppb (0.1-0.12ppm) (special order can be changed optionally)

Accuracy Deviation: <10%

Calibration: Recommended once a year

Power supply: 12-24V DC 500mA

Outer case: Aluminum

Mounting: Wall mounting with rail and lock system

Dimension: 165 x 110 x 65 mm (H* W *L)

Weight: 460 gr